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Der erste Sternkerzen-Pop-up-Store in Zürich

From October 7th you will find the range of star candles at Schipfe 51 in Zurich and can conveniently choose the right candle for you or your loved ones right there.

We are really looking forward to the opportunity to show you our star candles in the first star candle pop-up store and we are looking forward to the exchange. In the Jackson we will have a time-limited sales area where we can make the star candle in all its variations as well as our olive wax, rapeseed wax and beeswax candles accessible to everyone who is interested.

This way you can experience our products live and both feel and smell the subtle differences and get a direct impression of the different colors.

The perfect gift - for yourself or your loved ones

Especially now that the days are getting shorter and darker again and the falling temperatures are calling for cozy hours at home, candles are the perfect way to create a cosy, warm atmosphere. You can easily give this wonderful atmosphere to your loved ones with our candles. Be it with individual candles or in the form of a gift box, which we put together with great attention to detail. So let's go to Jackson at Schipfe 51 - from October 7th we and our range of candles will be ready for you - we look forward to it!

 You can also find us at Changemaker and Sibler in the city .

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